Bring wholeness, welfare, peace, and hope to those in inner-city.
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We love people —
It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going all day.

The Jeremiah Foundation is an organization created to bring wholeness, welfare, peace and hope to those in inner-city Wichita.

Our vision is to work with families, empowering their children to seek the dignity in all people, and raise up a socially-conscious group of young adults who will seek to restore their community and be Jesus’ hands and feet on this earth.

By seeking the dignity in all people, we also seek to reach those overcome by hurts, habits, and hardships and connect them with resources within our community to help them get back on the path to living a life completely engrossed in God’s love for humanity.  

We believe in the power of service and compassion for those in our community and promote that value in all we do as we seek to glorify God in word and deed.

We love projects —
Every day we’re thinking of better ways to help people, but we could really use your support with the resources. Here is a list of our current goals.
Website Expansion

Locating the right resources and services for a family or an individual’s particular needs can be extremely challenging. Getting help for drug addiction may require you to go to one place while getting treated for mental illness is another. To make matters harder, each organization has its own processes and forms to navigate. 

Our goal is to take out the guesswork by creating a website that will walk an individual through an easy-to-understand questionnaire and help determine the right services, in the right order, as well as help fill out all the necessary forms and get them submitted for processing. The total cost of building this into our site will be $6000.

Jeremiah House

We are on the road to purchasing three properties, which will be used to provide housing for individuals or families in need of financial counseling, life-skills mentoring, biblical foundation, mental health, addiction services, education, and so much more.

The property we’re currently looking at is a three bedroom, one bathroom home which has two separate apartments consisting of two bedrooms and one bathroom each. This property is valued at $164,070 by Sedgwick County, but the owner has agreed to sell it to us in support of the Jeremiah Foundation for $95,000. 

Luggage For Littles

Typically when kids enter foster care they are given a trash bag for their belongings. Through the generosity of a New York-based manufacturing company, we’ve been given an opportunity to change this.

This company will provide pallets of 25-30 suitcases each stuffed with duffel bags and backpacks. All we have to do is pay the shipping. The cost of shipping is approximately $250 per pallet. At around $10 per suitcase, we will be able to provide kids the dignity of a proper bag in an already tough situation. We will ensure each suitcase or bag donated to the foster community includes toiletries to get them started at their new home.

We’d love to hear from you —
Please feel free to send us a message if you have questions or have an idea you’d like to share.